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Perfect for products listed on your website and retailer websites. The ReviewBates programs incentivises your customers to review your product by providing them a rebate in the form of cash. Get ahead of your customers regardless of where you are on your product life cycle.

As reviews have become the cornerstone of any product or service, having a method for both companies and consumers to generate reviews has become paramount with bad reviews leading to poor performing ROI and great reviews leading to explosive sales.

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Why Choose ReviewBates

Partner with ReviewBates at any time of a product life cycle and start collecting reviews. Is your product new? Start collecting reviews from the first purchase.

By partnering with ReviewBates on product launches companies can quickly learn of product issues. These can quickly be addressed, maximizing the future success of the product.

Sampling of products to collect reviews cost thousands of dollars, easily ranging between $4,000 to $10,000 based on the cost of the product. With ReviewBates we cut the cost of acquiring reviews to a fraction of the cost of sampling while creating more authentic reviews.

The ReviewBates program customizes your business needs allowing you to learn about your customers:

– Demographic
– Geography
– Purchase experience
– Product Insights

– Product needs
– Purchase reasons
– How the customer came to hear about the product

By being a separate organization from those involved in the creation of the product and those that purchase it we strive for authentic, quality reviews and verify purchases via receipts. This authentication stage is the first step in our three step ReviewBates process.

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